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In an era of keyboard activists, it is challenging to assimilate which actions truly make a difference out there in the cold hard world. Here we list how you could make a difference via Social media, Bulk purchases or Ingenuity.

Social Media

Can a 'Share' really create employment? Contrary to that of many "1 share = 1 prayer" Facebook pages, analysis of our Project's social media reach proves that organic spread - liking, sharing or tweeting  - of our Facebook and Twitter content has a greater chance of success in converting customers. Therefore, it generates employment. This just goes to say that your 1 share can truely create 1 employment.

The following easy actions won't take more than 10 mins of your busy day and may be the difference between success and failure for us.

1. Like our Facebook page - or @thehudliproject

It gives The Project credibility when someone who knows you comes across it for the first time. We don't spam :)

2. Share our 2 min Video on FB -

You can help us get 100 more customers just from a share. Put up your thoughts on The Project. along with the share, for wider appeal

3. Tweet about us - @thehudiproject

4. Critically, once you recieve your package, don't forget to put up a picture on Facebook with your review of our delicious pickles

As a new entity, building trust in our ability to deliver consistently and deliciously on our promises is of prime importance to the success of the project.
Do not forget to tag our Facebook page and website on your post!


Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchases would help us employ more women much sooner. 

We understand that Bulk purchases are network intensive - knowing the right people in the right places. We do not have the strongest of networks. But we do have over 500 customers in a short period of time. You can be our network. Our current bulk customers have already testified to the delicious taste and cost effectiveness of our products. We can refer them to you.

All you need to do is to indicate your willingness to help at along with your name, number and/or any ideas and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

We are exploring the possibility of getting our pickles to Bulk consumers like:
- Corporate canteens
- Large kitchens
- Caterers (events, marriages, hostels etc)
- Hotels and restaurants

Currently we have Bulk customers from Coimbatore, Coorg and Bangalore. All these were obtained through referrals from existing customers.


Don't eat pickles regularly? No problem! Here are some unique ways in which our customers have used our packages:

1. Dr. Aggarwal has ordered five 12 month 250g subscriptions. He intends to keep the pickles in his Clinic as samples and encourage his patients and visitors to buy them

2. Mr. Satish has ordered 25 Taster Packs for all his collegues. He intends for all of them to taste the pickles and subsequently sign up for one of the subscription packs

3. Miss Atulaa lives away from her parents but has subscribed on their behalf

4. Mr. Chethan has ordered our pickles for his company's cafeteria. He has signed up for not one but two 12 month 500g subscription packages

5. Mr. Nathan has ordered 50 Taster Packs and intends to share them with all his business associates and create oppotunities for The Project to grow

6. Mr. Mahesh lives abroad but has ordered the pickles for his family who live in India

7. Many of our customers have indicated that they intend to use the pickle subscriptions as monthly gifts. Be it to their friends, family, collegues or household helps

8. Others have indicated that they intend to use them as samples to convince institutions to order in bulk


We can not overstate your importance in making The Project grow. 

To help please mail us at

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