6 months | 500 gms

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Our pickles do not contain onion or garlic.

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What is offered under the 6-month 500g package?

Under the 6 month 500g package, we will deliver 500g of pickles every month for 6 months. This will amount to around 60 pieces of pickle every month. These pickles have been certified by the FSSAI. 

Why do I need to pay Rs 540 at once?

The women who will benefit are daily wage casual laborers, uncertain about whether they will have work the next day. By eliminating this uncertainty, we are empowering these women to take control of their lives. We want to invest the money you give us in making pickles and creating jobs, and this subscription period allows us to do that by keeping operational and marketing costs low.

What are the differences between 6 month 250g package and 6 month 500g package?
The 6 month 250g package has been created based on the feedback of those who felt they could not consume 60 pieces of pickles every month. With the 6 month 250g package, we have reduced the quantity to be delivered by half for every month. i.e you will now get 2 bottles (500 gms) of pickes delivered at your doorstep every alternate month. Under the 6 month 500g package, 2 bottles will be delivered every month.

What flavors of pickles are you offering?

There are 3 standard flavors, of which you will receive at least 1 every month. The flavors are Mango, Lime and Mixed Vegetables. The flavors have distinctive tastes. Once every 3 months, we will deliver a newly introduced flavor, just to provide some variety.

When will I receive my first box of pickles?

Since we are dealing with a monthly subscription model, your subscription fulfilment begins a month after you purchase the subscription. Orders are dispatched on the last week of every month. So, if you purchase a subscription on 15th January 2017, we will initiate fulfilment in the last week of January, and then, subsequently, every alternate month.

The jars are labelled ‘Jawan Pickles’? Why?

The pickles manufactured by the Khadigram are sold under the ‘Jawan’ brand. When we started out in 1970, ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ was the most popular slogan. We wanted to name our brand ‘Kisan Pickles’, but that had already been taken. Thus, ‘Jawan Pickles’. :)

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