Bulk Enquiries

Check availability at: * For Indian Pincodes only

Charities do not end poverty. Salaries do.

Our pickles do not contain onion or garlic.

To employ 100 more women in Hudli Village, we aim to sell 30 tons of pickles every month. 

Our pickles are of the highest quality and taste. They are hand-made with the richest, undiluted masala.

Our current bulk customers can testify to this. We can refer you to them.

Currently the flavours available for bulk orders are Mango, Lemon and Mixed Vegetables.

The minimum order quantity for Bulk purchases in 5 kilos. 

We are looking to service bulk orders from mass consumption institutions like, but not limited to:

- Caterers

- Corporate canteens

- Large kitchens

- Hostels

- Restaurants

If you are a Bulk consumer or can refer us to bulk consumers, please reach out to us at thehudliproject@gmail.com

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