Pickle Taster Pack | 2 bottles (250 gms each)

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Our pickles do not contain onion or garlic.

Please note: The Taster Pack brings limited, unsustained employment. The purpose of the pack is to let our more cautious supporters verify its great taste before subscribing.

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What is a taster pack?

A taster pack comprises of 500g of pickles to the address of your choice (selected states). These pickles have been certified by the FSSAI. The taster pack contains any two out of our three quintessential flavours - Mango, Lime & Mixed Vegetable Pickles. The combination you receive will be the same as what is sent to our long term subscribers for that month.

Why should I opt for subscriptions when I can buy taster packs?

The question here really is - why should you not opt only for the taster pack.
The women we support are daily wage casual laborers, uncertain about whether they will have work the next day. Our subscription packages help eliminate this uncertainty, the taster packs don't. The taster packs are for those of you who feel it is imperative to ensure our pickles tastes great.
We hope after tasting our pickles, you not only buy our subscription packages, but also actively endorse our products and our cause. 

The jars are labelled ‘Jawan Pickles’? Why?

The pickles manufactured by the Khadigram are sold under the ‘Jawan’ brand. When we started out in 1970, ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ was the most popular slogan. We wanted to name our brand ‘Kisan Pickles’, but that had already been taken. Thus, ‘Jawan Pickles’. :)

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